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   Michael J. Hebert served in Vung Ro Bay, Vietnam, during the Vietnam War. He was the coxswain of the River Patrol Boat (PBR) Magic Christian. Mr. Hebert has been involved in the maritime field ever since departing Vietnam, serving four years in the South Pacific aboard an Atomic Energy Commission research ship, then spending the remainder of his career stateside serving aboard dredges, tugboats, crew boats, ferries, and tour boats.

 *  "Ever Vigilant' is his first book and was awarded the 2022 Silver Medal Award from the Military Writers Society of America. More than 80 entrants were in competition.

 *  Pencraft Book Awards chose "Ever Vigilant" as the 2022 "Best Book of the Year," out of a field of 700 others.

 *  "Ever Vigilant" also won the 2022 International Impact Book Award.

 *   Finalist in the 2022 American Writing Awards competition.

 *  Awarded "Notable Top 100" in Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Competition, 2022

 *  Gold Medal Winner from Literary Titan Award.

 *  Winner of the 2023 Southern California Book Festival.

   He has also written a tourist guidebook of the Hampton Roads Harbor and has also edited and compiled a memoir of a fellow veteran.

   He recently retired after a 32-year career with the Miss Hampton II Harbor Cruises and currently resides in Gloucester, Virginia.

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